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Bloof Books - Tweak job contest

Tweak job contest
Poem based on Peter Davis

I have reason to believe that I’m very, very good and that you’re leaning closer and closer and closer and that at any particular instant you may kiss me on the cheek.
That is why I am distancing from you right now. Because I am so
fucking good, that you are not good enough even to kiss my feet. I would
rather kiss my own feet and let you follow me during the night time to the front door
of my home, and then leave you suddenly just like a ghost. I am built that way: not
to give up, to last like the front battallion in Winter War, and unfortunately I do not
talk to the strangers the way you seem to do. So, why don´t you just keep on reading
these confessional lines and try to make up something of your own life, if you even have
one. The fact, that your eyes still linger along these lines has made me sincerely doubt that
you have lost even the last bits of your intelligence. But I have a suggestion: if you want to
have someone to come on you, why don´t yo…

Mestarilaulaja/ohjaaja Ingrid Kremlingin kurssilta


kuvat ottanut Aino Siebert

Back to Impivaara

Back to Impivaara

The struggle for parliamentary elections in Finland in Spring 2011 has started and electoral platforms have been launched. One of the most interesting platforms is the one by Perussuomalaiset, which is a populist, extreme-right party, very hostile toward immigrants and minorities, and in favor of restrictions for those applying for citizenship. The name of the platform – Suomalaiselle sopivin (Most suitable for a Finn)–tells everything about the content of the platform. It is an attempt to define what is valuable in Finnish culture. It is also an attempt to build up a hierarchy between what is considered national–“Finnish”--and foreign.

No policy field stays unprotected in this platform, which goes so far as cultural policy. According to Perussuomalaiset most of the Finnish art nowadays is “degenerate” avant-garde art, which doesn’t reflect national values and heritage. Instead, Perussuomalaiset openly idolize national romantic artists from 19th century, like compose…