How would I recognize a bird

How would I recognize a bird

A bird cannot fly without an arm, not without touching the ground once in a while, it
does not tell its colleagues when a missile crashes on the ground, neither
does it show its insect hoards, but still it flies in a flock with
others, not alone, because in the sky there is room for everybody without quarrels.
A butterfly acts like a bird, but it is not a bird: the butterfly
flying to a thorn loses its wings; although the butterfly is not related to
a lizard, it lost its wings during the wedding ceremonies of the lizard.
A termite is wise and builds on its wiseness:
a snake uses its wisdom to cruelties, a bee for producing
honey, but what about human being, what is his love
like? An ant is artificially attached
to an ear of wheat, but human being is not attached to anyone.
A swallow does not leave the house during difficulties, when it has
been fed and given to drink, neither does it care if a bush bursts into fire:
one can always fly away. An insect eating from a vegetable fins itself on a vegetable,
and it cannot be blamed for its action: why is vegetable so beautiful?
Landscape is made from water, earth, air and fire, neither
will they ever disappear unless they forget their own origin,
a river its point of start, fire its place, earth its duty, air
its openness. Fire can not be hidden into hands:
it burns and destroys, but a river that runs in front of your eyes never
takes you never with. The laws of worlds´ elements
are not easy, neither should a morning blame for its´ place a night,
a night worker for the moon, although darkness is never good for the people.
Venus is the dog of the moon, which it takes for a walk outside at nights, and we can nothing else
than take care of our own pets
and when we are beaten by the rain, we can only be
thankful of the fact that we were not beaten by its´ hands mister
thunderstorm! Things can always be worse, although well
probably never, nut the earth gives for them who feed it
loyally: we never died of hunger, although meanwhile we may
have killed one another and the bird, the butterfly,
the lizard, the termite, the bee, the ant, the swallow, the insect:
from the smallest to the greatest without any
natural selection. So merciful and unselective we are
for ourselves and for them who make our living
worth living for; so compassionate Samarians. It is worth remembering
that even if the rain floats through our house appearing hostile,
it does not threaten anybody. And if the rain does not fall down, if it does not rain, what do we
drink then? The rain befriends with everybody: it does not look upon
whom it falls down, but about whom would a human being say friendly words?
A plant in the path does not regocnize the prince, not the human being with reputation: everybody
is an equal stamper unless they care to look for
whom they are next violating. If only the human being
were like the water, without selecting falling on everybody,
good merely than bad, a husband of maize rather
than an enemy.

published in Try Magazine, USA


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