Night of San Felipe del Agua published in The Dublin Poetry Review

My poem Night of San Felipe del Agua is published in The Dublin Review. All poems will be archived in the major Irish universities and published in major Irish newspapers as well. Poem looks like following in English:

Night of San Felipe del Agua

In the evening buzz far away drums. Rockets bang like every night were a celebration, a door to somewhere. Lonely donkeys without proprietor climb up the street, even if leg bound resiliently jogging. Young boys run down the same street perhaps to the town, the ceremonies, the buzz of the drums. Scenery changes all of sudden and without notice; silhouettes of the trees vanish into dark mouth surrounding the drums. An obstinate dog barks probably at someone else or waiting for someone else. Masks fall finally down. Grasshopper of one note draws all night long serenade in almost one breath. After the last light has gone out, behind the wall or at the floor begins the night shift of an anonymous insect, which lasts until two o´clock. Cars fade away only at three, when no one has no more lust to reach the town or at home. Talking never ends, it is a zigzagging endeavour into community with the languages which do not know its bearer, or bearers, who do not know their language or all the dimensions of it. Grasshopper of monotone continues even when all the others have given up themselves into a lap of whatever.


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