Warsaw Bikini

Warsaw Bikini
(tweaking after Sandra Simons: A Poem for David Schubert)

Stranger, may I have your hand or a mirror, dear, may I have a word
of advice?
In case you allow me your hand, it would lead my car through
this dark city in the wilderness of the neon lights without I
having to wonder, where am I, who is behind this wheel, and where
is temporarily rented car going. If you would give me your hand, I would
be found in my mirror, torn down to pieces of paper where I wrote
some unlucky notes of my journey to underground school
of love led by poets like Sylvia Plath or Dorothy Parker. In the end
of this dark street there may be only oven waiting, but meanwhile,
drive well, and fast, do not look behind, and in any case of accident, do not
ask for advice. Advice is meant only for those who are not willing to drive
a car at all, who neglect teachings of underground school and live in a tent
on a highway, where my car soon passes by.


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