Nuestra Voz vol. 4

My poetry is featured in Nuestra Voz, vol. 4, published by International PEN´s Womens Committee. Here is information about the featured poets:

Cultural Writing. Poetry. Fiction. Essays. Translation. NUESTRA VOZ: VOLUME 4 is an anthology of the Women Writers Committee of International PEN, which consists in a selection of literary texts written by women coming from various PEN Centers throughout the world. This edition features the writings of Nedda G. de Anhalt, Mariela Baeva, Susan Blanshard, Cristina Castello, Sampurna Chattarji, Bernice Chauly, Moon Chung-Hee, Maria Mihai Cioaba, Anne C. Clarke, Mercedes Cortazar, Rita Dahl, Kieran Finnane, Helena Fiori, Maria Antonieta Flores, Jacqueline Goldberg and many more.


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