What is a female poet like?

What is a female poet like?

Let´s move to the present moment, and my current writing. These newest poems of mine have been generated with the help Google-generator, the author herself being responsible for the final composition. Maybe it is because of the search engine and all the collective floods of minds that a poet comes across with the help of the generator, that the result has become so genderless? Anyhow, I could have never found these subconscious streams of minds without the help of Google. The search engine makes the poems societal by nature. These poems are revealing the psychopathology of our western, globalized consumer societies. I am not getting rid of the poets and the themes I started with. T. S. Eliot is looking behind my back clearly.

After telling about my experiences, it is hardly not surprising for you that I believe writing can be completely genderless. Male poet can be inspired by the most romantic feelings imaginable and female poet can write about the most delicate social issues you may consider. Certain people may have lead a life that makes it easier for them to be genderless, to go over borders.

We should also define, what we consider specifically male and what female writing. Why are the sentiments of love and emotion straight away considered as feminine traits, and part of feminine writing, and expressing power, on the contrary male? Since the beginning of the birth of feminist thought it has tried to define what is femininity or masculinity are essentially like. The newest streams of feminist thought have forgotten essentiality completely – there are not any more essential feminine or masculine traits. But another thing is, that these unconscious attitudes still seem to preoccupy the most illuminated of minds, in spite of all the denial made by the researchers. Human beings ARE primitive by nature.


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