It happens only in the margins - interesting house label



Written & Produced by Alejandro Roman @ Plastic Pleasure, Mexico
City.(p) 2007 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2007 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


The global influence of house music throughout nations across the
world is what makes it so unique. Alejandro Roman's "Natural LP" puts
Mexico on the map with this cornerstone bookmark of house music!! The
music is completely underground in nature, and as novel and diverse
as anything out today. All theses tracks are quite noteworthy.
"Colorful Spectrum", will grab the attention of any tribal DJ,
especially those that love that funky Latin jazz piano fiesta funk.
Hips and shoulders will shimmy and dancing will be memorable. "Latin
Labs" follows the same route with a more progressive feel, aggressive
rhythm and dope resonating bass. "After 9", and "Bread and Fear",
represent Alejandro's take on the pumped up tribal techno in it's
highest form with extremely danceable rhythms, acid synth flow,
chants, peaks and valley's and plenty of other hidden goodies.
"Plastic Pleasure", shows even more diversity, featuring the dopest
filter factory streamlining break beat pump. Very tribal in influence
and juicy to the max with its progressive synth flow. All tracks are
DJ friendly and well constructed. Dos Corona's Por Favor!!!!


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